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Appel à candidature pour le(s) Mondial classe Marblehead

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Appel à candidature pour le(s) Mondial classe Marblehead

Message par FRA25 » lun. 16 mars 2015, 15:36

Appel à candidature pour le(s) Mondial classe Marblehead futurs

IRSA is the worldwide radio sailing organization as an affiliated member of ISAF. IRSA is dedicated to the enhancement of both current and emerging world radio sailing classes through the promotion and development of consistent class rules, measurement methods, radio yachting racing rules and advice in running major racing events.

Seeking Expressions of Interest for:
Future Marblehead World Championships

Dear Fellow Radio Control Sailors,
This letter is an invitation to all associations and clubs throughout the RC world to register their interest in running a Marblehead World Championship in the future. These are prestigious events that have a positive effect on the clubs and regions that host them.
The next event, that the Marblehead community is looking to prepare for is the 2016 Marblehead World Championship. This can be hosted by a single club or association or can be run combining the resources of many clubs and their volunteers at a suitably selected venue.
There is virtually no restriction on where it is to be run, as long as transport, safety and accommodation are taken into account.
For those of you who are considering the 2016 championship or events further into the future, we would be happy to send you a package of information outlining what is required to successfully run these events.
At this stage we are only looking for interested parties to register their interest and after that we can discuss the finer details of the hosting.

Please forward all registrations with the following details:

Person to contact: ________________________
Email 1: _______________________________
Email 2: _______________________________
Club/association: _________________________
Designated National Member (Country): ________________________
A short description of your club/association and available facilities for running the championship:

Send registrations by Friday, 27th March 2015 to either Matteo or myself.
In anticipation.

Matteo Longhi (Executive Officer Europe, IRSA)
Selwyn Holland (Acting General Secretary, IRSA)