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chmpionnat Anglais

Message par ERIC » jeu. 26 juil. 2012, 10:15

Dear European and Overseas Skippers,et Tout Le Monde,

This email is addressed to all those international Radio 10 Rater skippers who have either been invited to previous UK R10R Nationals at the Round Pond in Kensington, or to anyone else who enjoys racing 10 Raters.

For several years between 2007-2011 we were usually very lucky to have a large party from France, but also other skippers from Belgium, South Africa, USA and Australia.

Unfortunately this was not the case in 2012 due to a late change of dates which conflicted with another major event in France.

However we are now trying to widen the net to also include Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and perhaps even further afield.

In 2013 the UK R10R Nationals will be hosted by the Guildford Model Yacht Club at their Abbey Meads Lake at Chertsey in Surrey which is about 50kms south west of London.

This is the home club of Roger and Peter Stollery, who many of you will already know, and so we can be sure that it will not only be extremely well organised but also with a larger and more competitive British contingent.

However as the UK 10 Rater representative I am emailing you all to let you know that we have two possible weekends (Saturday/ Sunday) available. These are either:

** 20-21 April 2013
** 10-11 May 2013

You do not have to enter straight away but it would be very helpful to know whether you might be interested in joining us, or most importantly whether either of these dates are in conflict with other events in your home country. We would really like to have as large an international fleet as possible.

Once we hear back from you we will choose the most convenient of the two dates, and Guildford will then send out an official "Notice of Race"

I would be grateful for your urgent replies so that we can make that decision as soon as possible

Please reply urgently to both Roger Stollery and myself ( our email addresses are shown in the "cc" box above)

All best wishes

Graham Frazer

Model Yacht Sailing Association & London Model Yacht Club

Dear Everyone,

My apologies, I should have written 11-12 May and not 10-11 May

However I have already heard back that the French National Championships for M are on 5-8 May and for IOM on 9-12 May 2013

Therefore it looks as though 20-21 April may be the preferred dates, but we will wait for some more replies from other countries

Best regard
Eric de Ligondès (de Marseille)